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General Contracts

In the general Contract program, clients complete contracts such as; confidential shredding, removing staples, packaging and organizing newspapers. They also clean and sort items donated to Amigos, the on site store. Clients recycle Christmas lights and books.

The general contract room teaches basic computer skills, as well as life skills. The skill set that clients learn in the program are fine motor skills in assembly, disassembly, working in a group, sorting and proper disposal of garbage and quality management.

The clients can also participate in healthy living options such as the Heart and Stoke 'walking at work' program, bowling and other special activities.

A' music circle' has been developed and takes place within our contract room.

Call Program instructor, Christina Eldridge at 902-798-5160 for details, if we can help your business with a job!

Program Instructors:

Christina Eldridge
Marilyn Thomas


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